Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the operating model for investment firms.

  • From back office procedures to front office decisions, AI is becoming the preferred tool for gaining a competitive edge.

  • While AI often leads to better predictions and results, it also introduces a new set of challenges.

  • Keeping the challenges in mind when building AI capabilities helps ensure success.

  • Firms that neglect AI in the years ahead will likely fall far behind.

AI is advancing rapidly in virtually every industry. Technologies rooted in AI are affecting cost dynamics, introducing new market participants, and changing long-held assumptions about value on a routine basis.


As companies watch the rise of IoT technology, many are weighing the pros and cons of investing in IoT technology to solve daily challenges in their offices or join the race to establish a corner in the booming IoT market.

  • Consumer-Grade IoT Devices Create Security Liabilities

  • Fragmented IoT Technology Drives Connectivity Issues
  • Long-Term Usability is Essential
  • IoT Development Can Be Worthwhile if Done Right

However, investing in IoT only makes sense if companies are willing to carefully consider security challenges, fragmentation in the IoT landscape, and long-term usability. Otherwise, today’s IoT investment might end up in tomorrow’s scrap heap.


If you’ve just started your company or are running a small business, taking the leap to investing in information technology can be a daunting prospect.

  • Time Is a Resource
  • You’ll Have a Sense of Security
  • You Can’t Afford to Fall behind the Pack

  • The more you use innovative technologies, the more you’ll set yourself apart in the business world.

Technology is innovation. New and exciting digital breakthroughs are happening in the market all the time, making the tech world a difficult but worthwhile sector to keep on top of.

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  • A joint venture is a viable option for a company looking for investment opportunities with lower initial costs.

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